SwatiN Designs

Dwarka Gems

Dwarka Gems was founded in 1987 in the world’s stone cutting hub, Jaipur. The company was founded on the basis of stone trading.

 But as with all good things the company grew, Dwarka Gems became Jaipur’s first organized, vertically oriented Jewelry Manufacturing unit. The company exceled in stone trading while it grew by leaps and bounds in the jewelry-manufacturing sector.

Constant travels around the world enabled Mr. Krishna Goyal and son Navindra Goyal to set up a firm that was fully integrated with imported Italian technology and artisans. Master smiths from different countries, mainly Italy were hired to produce exceptional jewelry at feasible price points. This tradition of reasonability with world-class quality is still Dwarka Gems trademark today.

SwatiN By Dwarkas

 Dwarka  Gems with its proficiency in the jewelry industry takes the craft of jewelry a step further and introduces SwatiN, Luxury gifts.  The concept draws from their expertise in metal and stone fabrication to everyday products essentially jewelry for your home. 

The idea of Luxury gifts sprouted from Swati Goyal, designer and creative director at SwatiN Designs.  The business and design Philosophy at SwatiN stems from New York, her hometown.  A certified goldsmith Swati wanted to do a lot more with stones and metal in their natural form along with jewelry. What came to be was a luxurious, utility friendly gemstone and metal gifting line with the utmost quality, upholding the standards of Dwarka Jewelers.

SwatiN designs hosts simple, clean, contemporary lines that highlight the unique color and design of each stone.

Along with design what we value most is impeccable customer service and quality. we understand that giving a gift is about personalization, reputation and acceptance. We take pride in all our products, because at the core we are in the business of building relations.